Grom Coaching

Grom Coaching

Grom Coaching

Time: 2 hours Grom Coaching focuses on Speed Power Flow Acceleration Style Technique Competitve Stratedgies Carver Training, Flexiablity and Strength building exercises and drills, In and out of water coaching.

One on One – $75 per session

Commit to 5 pre paid 5th session FREE!

Group Rates
2 Groms $60 each per session
3 Groms – $50 each per session
4 Groms – $50 each per session

*Special rate applies for larger class

Full day rates:
$150 appx 6 hour (Multiple student rate available) Multiple surf skate sessions Lunch

Day of Contest Coaching
Rate $125 (Multiple student rate available) Equipment prep Warm up Competitive strategies video anlysis