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About Us

We are all trying to improve our surfing and, for many of us, produce competitive results.  While most surfers hit a frustrating performance plateau, we can also break through it with help.  My goal is help you rip a lot harder and more quickly than you otherwise could.

I use a unique training system, which I have developed over the past several years using a Carver Skateboard and video analysis of surf-specific exercises and drills. I pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your technique and style, and help you establish a solid foundation of speed, power, flow, acceleration, control, creativity, technique, and style refinement. For those who compete, I work with you on wave selection, positioning, and competition strategies that produce results!

My training builds strength and stamina, gives you the ability to stay low and hold long carves, and to ride long point break waves without your legs giving out after the 3rd or 4th turn. We focus on surfing, but also address paddling technique, proper duck-diving, positioning, wave selection and knowledge. I work with you both in and out of the water.  You’ll be out-surfing, out-paddling, and out-performing your opponents and friends.  And especially when the waves are good and you are progressing, we’ll also be having a lot of fun.

About Ricky Schaffer

Ricky is a world-travelled and well-known professional surfer.  His accomplishments include extensive surf video and magazine coverage and numerous competitive titles (e.g., World Jungle Pro-Am, Bronze Age Pro-Am, and WSA West Coast Championships).  From 1987-1997, he participated in the Bud Pro Tour.  In 2005, he returned to competition to win the NSSA West Coast Championships, and placed second in the NSSA Nationals at Lower Trestles. In 2012 Ricky was selected to represent the USA at the ISA World Masters contest in Nicaragua and took 2nd place and helped the team as a whole secure a silver medal.

About Ricky, world-renown shaper Todd Proctor writes:

“Energy, energy, energy is the name of this grom’s game. Well he’s not really a grom as far as years on this earth, but when it comes to the stoke factor, he’s always running at full tilt level 10….and as far as looking at the world through the eyes of a grom, he is very much living in that place. The buckets that fly from his fins on his backhand are some of the most monumental in the business to this day. On crowded days at the best spots, he catches more set waves than anybody I know….it’s miraculous. I try to paddle to position myself right next to him in the line-up when we surf to get a few extra sets to myself and I still don’t come close to his wave count…..aaarrgghhhh. Currently residing in Oceanside, you’ll find Ricky popping up just about anywhere on the entire coast depending on the swell….in fact you probably already know Ricky….I think just about everybody everywhere knows Ricky…..he’s one of those charismatic characters that seeks to shine a light into pretty much everybody’s life that he crosses paths with!” ­­­­